More Information

This trip is in partnership with Crosspoint International ( and in cooperation with the Honduras Baptist Convention.

The Mission: To encourage the local church in Honduras and assist in the establishment of new works in Honduras. Particularly in the city of Danli and surrounding areas. Working with the local Baptist Associations of the area in building a multiyear partnership to see the local churches strengthened and plant churches in these areas. We partner along with in planting churches.


Tools we’ll use to carry out this mission: 

This year we will be working primarily with FBC Danli and Pastor Mario. Danli is a thriving city of 130,000 in the hills of southern Honduras. We will also work in the villages of Paraiso and Rodeo.

  1. Door to door evangelism. Along with an interpreter, visit local families in an effort to share the gospel with them.
  2. Backyard Bible Clubs. BBC is like a VBS in a backyard or a local park. Working with children, we can share Bible stories, play games, and build relationships. 
  3. Teaching afternoon Bible studies. Those who want to may lead in sharing Bible studies to encourage the local church.
  4. Possible Ladies Health Seminar
  5. Leading in worship services through personal testimony, special music, preaching, etc…
  6. Sharing your testimony, your story with the people.