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Passion Creek

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Sundays at 5pm
Heart Cry Church
9339 W. Hunt Hwy,
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

A Place To Belong Before You Believe

Whether you are a Christian or a skeptic, we have created an environment for you to feel loved and to learn about Jesus. We love giving all of our first timers a custom Red Box that is full of goodies including this info brochure.

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Our Passion

This is our framework for lasting change.

Every week we gather together to learn how to be an apprentice for Jesus and His kingdom. Our strategy is divided into 4 categories: 1) learning the stages of Christian maturity, 2) gaining a greater understanding of the gospel, 3) creating a personal roadmap for spiritual formation and 4) contextualizing the good news for our secular neighbors.

Passionately Pursuing

Every follower of Jesus is called into a lifelong journey of becoming like Jesus. We love leading our community into the four stages of apprenticeship to Jesus. God isn’t necessarily calling all of us to enter the next stage but He is certainly calling all of us to take a next step.

Life in Christ

Our community is constantly learning how the gospel is more than a sentence that we receive at death. It is a story that we are all invited to partake in. It’s a life that we are called to live today.

Lifestyle of Christ

Our practices are how we participate in the presence and power of God. As a community, we are always learning how to personalize the practices of Jesus according to our sin, season and stage of life.

In Queen Creek

We cannot truly love our neighbor until we gain a greater understanding of their worldview. Secularism has influenced our society more than we know and it’s important to contrast it with our message of hope.

Our practices

have the power

to forecast our future.

Trying to behave like Jesus leads to death but training to become like Jesus leads to life. These aren’t practices to perform for God but to participate with God.

God Time

We equip & encourage our people to spend time alone with God every single day.

Group Time

We equip & encourage our people to attend a growth group once a week.

Gather Time

We equip & encourage our people to worship God with our community every Sunday.

Go Time

We equip & encourage our people to extend hospitality and share the love of Jesus with neighbors and loved ones.

Our Pastor

Trey Van Camp is a 4th generation pastor. He graduated summa cum laude from California Baptist University with his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology and was awarded with the “Applied Theology Award.”

On January 10, 2016, he planted this church (formerly known as Heart Cry Gathering) and renamed it to Passion Creek Church in June 2017 after the announcement of the Heart Cry AZ Network.

Trey is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Jordan. They have 3 daughters: Faith Karis, Selah Ruth and Trinity Rose.

Trey would love to connect with you. He vlogs on YouTube and loves to post on Instagram and Twitter.

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