Here for Good

In 2016, we started Passion Creek Church in a movie theater. By God’s grace, we established a family of Jesus followers at Harkins from 2016 to 2020. After COVID, we had to get creative to find a place to gather. Again, God provided for us by making space at Heart Cry Church on Sunday nights.

Since the summer of 2020, we’ve been grateful to gather on Sunday nights. It has given our families a unique opportunity to spend more time with loved ones.

We now feel the need to pray for our own place. Our leadership team is stronger than it has ever been. Our church family has endured so much together and has grown as a result. We believe a building is our next step.

Our building campaign is “here for good” for two reasons.

  1. We want to communicate to the city that we aren’t going anywhere. Church plants in the East Valley don’t have an incredible success rate. Therefore, being portable doesn’t give some people a vote of confidence that we will be here for the long haul.
  2. We feel drawn to the downtown area of Queen Creek so we can literally be here for the good of our city. We desire to seek the welfare of the city by meeting spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical needs.

There is no guarantee, but we currently have our sights on a property in downtown Queen Creek. It is near the crossroads of Ocotillo and Ellsworth.

Consider giving to make this building our home so we can be here for good.