Welcome To

Passion Creek

Our Heartbeat

We exist to
reach & teach
everyone for Christ.

Our Goals

01. Baptisms

We believe God has given us the dream to baptize 200 people within our first 3 years as a church (January 10, 2019).

02. College Students

We believe God has given us the dream to mobilize college students to use their skill sets to share the gospel globally.

03. Safe Place

We believe God has given us the dream to create a safe place for LDS & Atheists to belong before they believe.

Our Pastor

Trey Van Camp is a 4th generation pastor. He graduated summa cum laude from California Baptist University with his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology and was awarded with the “Applied Theology Award.”

On January 10, 2016, he planted this church (formerly known as Heart Cry Gathering) and renamed it to Passion Creek Church in June 2017 after the announcement of the Heart Cry AZ Network.

Trey is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Jordan. They have 2 daughters: Faith Karis and Selah Ruth.

Trey would love to connect with you. He vlogs on YouTube and loves to post on Instagram and Twitter.

Our Culture


We will never stop learning because we honor God when we strive for excellence in all things.


We will never compare ourselves because God has uniquely gifted each one of us to make a difference for Christ.


We will never give up because we will not insult God with safe living.


We will never hold back because we believe an insecure church is a death warrant for our city.


We will never face life alone because we know we can accomplish more together than we ever could apart.

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