Starting October 1st


#21DayPrayer is a 21-day period of fasting and prayer designed to fix our eyes on the goodness of Jesus and shift our attention to what matters most.

What To Do

01. Follow

Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for daily updates on what we are praying for.

02. Tune In

Tune in every day on Facebook and/or Instagram for a live prayer session at noon.

03. Join Us

Celebrate the end of the fast through prayer, worship and dinner on October 21st at 5pm at Heart Cry.

Daily Prayer Focus

10/1 – God Time
10/2 – More Baptisms
10/3 – LDS Friends
10/4 – Atheist Friends
10/5 – Gather time
10/6 – King David Series
10/7 – Mobilize College Students
10/8 – Dream Team
10/9 – Church Leaders + Staff
10/10 – Go Time
10/11 – City of Queen Creek

10/12 – Families + Kids Ministry
10/13 – Supernatural Healing
10/14 – Group time
10/15 – Men of our Church
10/16 – Women of our Church
10/17 – Diversity in our Church
10/18 – Our Next Steps of Obedience
10/19 – Welcoming Environment
10/20 – Cast Our Anxiety on Him
10/21 – God’s Favor in 2019

3 Ways To Fast

In addition to this time of prayer, we would love for you to join us in fasting over the next 21 days! Fasting is a form of self-denial that allows us to be distraction free and tune our hearts with God's heart. Please remember that every person is different and you should only choose what is a healthy and safe choice for you.

01. One Meal A Day

Give up 1 meal a day and use that time to pray to God.

02. Two Meals A Day

Give up 2 meals a day and use that time to pray to God.

03. Create Your Own

Give up something that has way too much of your attention and pray.

Today’s Prayer